Hypoallergenic dog food: a sad-looking dog lies in front of his food bowl

Hypoallergenic Dog Food and Your Dog’s Allergies

Dogs can be allergic to a lot of things, like pollen, dust, dirt, or mold. It's also possible for dogs to be allergic to certain ingredients in their food, just like humans. Around 10% of all allergy cases in dogs are food allergies, so they’re not as common as environmental...
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Treating a Dog with Allergies

Humans can have a wide range of allergies, but did you know that dogs can develop allergies as well?  Just like humans, allergies can become apparent when dogs are little or spring up later in life. They can be an ongoing problem or only be apparent once or twice in...
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Dog Allergy Symptoms

You love your dog, and want him to feel as comfortable as possible at all times. If he’s sick, he may not be acting like his normal, happy self.  While canines can be diagnosed with a number of different ailments, many pet parents might find themselves asking, “Can dogs get...
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Best joint supplement for dogs: An older dog stands in a field

The Best Joint Supplement for Dogs: How to Choose

In the same way that we tend to experience more aches and pains as we get a little older, our canine companions feel those same pangs too. Joint pain is common among dogs, especially older pooches and larger breeds. You might not even notice at first. But one day you'll...
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